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So I may LIVE among them...

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Every Sunday we begin another Torah portion and read a section each day. This week we are beginning the part where God gives instructions to build the Tabernacle. In todays chapter a verse in the middle caught my eye.

Exodus 25:8

“They are to make me a sanctuary, so that I may live among them. (CJB)

A short, but important verse.

God told Moses to inform the Children of Israel that they are to make Him a sanctuary.

He wanted to “LIVE AMONG them.”

This is what God desired from the beginning. RELATIONSHIP. He wanted a relationship with Adam and Eve. He had a relationship with Noah. He clearly spoke to Abraham. He wrestled with Jacob. From person to person God set up relationship.

As God knew they were going to be in the wilderness for awhile (kind of a foreknowledge God had), HE said they needed to build a sanctuary. He WANTED to be with them.

We know that Jesus came to dwell among us. At that moment in time no one else knew that. That meant that God had to set a precedent for showing His people that He wanted to LIVE WITH them.

God wants to live with YOU. Make a point to build a sanctuary in your heart for Him. Take time to BE with Him. Take time to KNOW Him.

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